wtorek, 1 lutego 2011

final project

Currently I am working on my final project for my engineer degree, it is a spatial video mapping application, It ables you to map videos and images onto rectangular surfaces, It is based on WPF 4.0, and it's fully done there. Check out video of beta version, so far it enables you only to control opacity and speed of playback but it is a early version.
anyway take a look!

poniedziałek, 31 stycznia 2011


Almost forgot about it,
me and Szymon Kabala have done a video mapping installation on audio-visual festival called "vivisesja" a very similar to the one in the past...

UPDATE Fortunatelly I found video on youtube, that shows this installation, take a look!

Site specific sound installation

Have not updated this place for a while, here is my little help done for Justyna Kabala, London artist from Royal Academy of Art, it's a DIY Capacitive Sensor plugged into Arduino board, controlled by computer running C# application with Un4seen BASS framework for audio playback. Sensor was reacting to user standing on it, sending message through serial to the application.
here is a link to this video

Site-specific Sound Installation from Justyna Kabala on Vimeo.